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Foster Care & Adoption

Resource Parents

Resource Parent requirements

Pennsylvania Department of Human Services provides the following as minimum criteria for applicants to be approved as foster parents:

  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Pass a medical examination that states the individual is physically able to care for children and is free from communicable disease.
  • Pass screening requirements related to child abuse and criminal history clearances (Childline, FBI and State Police).

As an organization Children's Home of York also considers the following things such as space and resource availability, including income and housing: 

  • Able to meet their own family needs
  • Have adequate space for the youth
  • Have a phone and a reliable vehicle
  • Have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance and automobile insurance
  • Provide proof of stable income
  • Disclose bankruptcies (prior 10 years)
  • Ability to provide transportation to appointments and visits

Part of the process is the completion of a home study. The home study is what allows us to understand you, your family, and your needs to make a successful match between you and a waiting child. The home study process, which can take between three and six months to complete, may seem invasive or lengthy. We only want what's best for our resources families and the children in our care.

While all of these requirements are important pieces of the puzzle, one of the most is the ability to keep a positive attitude and a great sense of humor!