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Ways to Help

Give Local York

You can help us raise $100,000 to replace our aging fleet.

Our kids are just like yours. They outgrow shoes and need school supplies. They play sports, attend music lessons, and have doctors’ appointments. The biggest difference is that we have over 100 of them. It adds up.


We log nearly 50,000 miles a year ferrying kids to school, appointments, and visits with family. This year, our two aging vans have reached the end of their useful lives. Our goal is to raise $100,000 to purchase two new minivans to replace them. The safety and well-being of our children depend on our vehicles having modern safety features and mechanical reliability.


It takes love and guidance to raise a healthy child, but as every parent knows, it also takes money and time—a lot of it spent in the car. Please donate and help us keep our kids moving in the right direction—up!

Dine to Donate

Local restaurants have teamed up with CHOY to hold fundraisers during the month of April for our Give Local York campaign. Pick your favorite spots and don't worry about dinner!