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Integrated Practice Team Assistant

We are currently seeking a qualified Integrated Practice Team Assistant to join our team and help us continue our mission. The Integrated Practice Team Assistant must have experience coordinating schedules, taking notes, developing action plans, and disseminating information to multiple involved parties. We need a responsible, well organized, and efficient individual that can manage and maintain records and documentation, calendars and appointments, and is comfortable following up for action and information. This is a new program and a great opportunity for an individual that is looking for an industry change and someone looking to develop their role from the ground up.

The Integrated Practice Team offers administrative support while provided much-needed information through research and dialog with outside agencies and providers. The IPTA coordinates schedules between clients, agencies, and providers for meetings and follow-ups. The IPTA is responsible for accurately and concisely recording the family service plan as it is discussed between all parties. This role is responsible for the follow up in regards to the family service plan, ensuring the family is able to work the plan, and agencies and providers and delivering their services as required. It is very important for this role to understand the barriers to success such as medical diagnosis, socioeconomic burdens, and available community resources and effectively research alternative treatments and techniques.

The Integrated Practice Team (IPT) is established to offer knowledge, expertise, and the resources to develop a comprehensive family service plan with innovative ideas to ensure that the individual needs of the family are met while safely maintaining children in their own homes. The IPT process aims to empower, support, and promote healthy families by inviting family members and family supports to attend the IPT staffing meetings.

The Integrated Practice Team is a community-oriented, strength-based, individualized planning process aimed at helping people meet their unmet needs, both within and outside of formal human services systems, while they r in their neighborhoods and homes. The team is comprised of community partners of various backgrounds and disciplines who offer knowledge and expertise in the development of a comprehensive family service plan with innovative ideas and solutions ensuring that the individual needs of the family are met while children live at home. Family members are encouraged to attend to participation as necessary.

Referrals may be generated by Child Protective Services staff, General Protective Services staff, or maybe for the purpose of expedited reunification with the family of children placed outside their family home. Identified problems may be related to (not an all-inclusive list)

-Abuse of a child

-Neglect of a child

-Parental or caregiver substance abuse

-Housing issues

-Domestic Violence

-Mental/Behavioral health concerns of the child, parent, or caregiver


IPT Assistants support the IPT coordinators and any IPT group needs. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to various administrative tasks, managing calendars, greeting guests, data collecting, maintaining records, meeting minutes.

Additional requirements include creating Action Plans, Action Plan follow-up, read and interpret documents such as psychological evaluations or CPT reports to create pre-IPT family summary. The position also completes necessary research on barriers such as medical diagnosis or treatment facilities etc.

-High school diploma or GED required. Bachelor’s Degree preferred.

-Advanced communication skills

-Ability to accurately, concisely, and quickly record detailed information in a professional and actionable manner

-Understanding the content and function of a family service plan

-Ability to multitask and function well with deadlines; handle responsibility and working independently