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Prevention Services

PREP Program

PREP stands for Personal Responsibility Education Program and is for adolescents in Children’s Home  programs. 

This program is designed to reduce the number of young people engaged in risk taking behavior by providing them with:

  • Essential knowledge
  • Attitudes
  • Beliefs
  • Skills
  • Motivation and self-esteem.

PREP helps teens make healthy choices though life skills and education topics such as HIV/AIDS prevention, pregnancy prevention and LGBTQ issues.

Street Smart and the Rikers Health Advocacy Program (RHAP) – are tailored to meet the needs of teens enrolled in the PREP program. 

This outcomes-based program focuses on unprotected sex, number of sexual partners and substance abuse.

Based on a social learning theory, Street Smart aims to teach teens that they truly do have the power to change their behaviors and that those changed behaviors will produce a specific result.

RHAP focuses on problem orientation, defining and formulating a problem, generating alternative solutions, decision making and implementing a solution. The program is designed to produce problem-solving skills for HIV/AIDS prevention among high-risk youth, particularly drug users and youth in correctional facilities.

There are 2.7 million school-aged LGBTQ youth in the United States. These students are at a greater risk for harassment and violence among their peers and even adults. Academic problems, isolation, school dropout, depression, substance abuse and even suicide are issues LGBTQ teens struggle with frequently. By educating all youth and teaching coping skills, the PREP program aims to eliminate the negativity experienced by LGBTQ youth in their school and home environments.