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Prevention Services

Children’s Home of York offers an array of services for those who require assessment and review of personal psychosocial functioning, including family relationships, behavioral addictions, anger management, criminal charges, psychological, social, cognitive and any other identified risk management possibilities.

Our continuum of evaluation services includes: diagnostic evaluation, risk assessments, parenting assessments, home studies and consideration of criminal conviction offenses in custody evaluations (5329). Our evaluation services utilize observation, historical information, surveys, standardized evaluations and interviewing in order to determine the most effective plan of care and treatment for the referred individual(s).

In addition, we offer complementary services such as supervised visitation with trained staff to ensure that a child is able to have safe contact with a non-custodial parent in a comfortable setting.

Flexible Location

Children’s Home of York can provide Evaluation Services at our main campus location, in the client’s home or another location when necessary.

All Ages Served

Children’s Home of York provides Evaluation Services for clients of all ages, providing they have the mental and physical ability to participate in and benefit from the assessment process.

Admissions Criteria

Children’s Home of York’s Evaluation Services Program accepts referrals made by any source throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Typically, referrals are received from private individuals, attorneys, agencies, health systems and other management services. The program serves youth and adults.

The purpose of Evaluation Services is to assist families, referring agencies and the courts to develop appropriate and workable plans for the clients referred for this service and to match the client’s current treatment or psychological needs with the appropriate level of intervention. In all instances, arrangement and authorization for service and payment must occur in advance of admission to the service.

Admission and the provision of services are made without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or disability. However, referred children and adolescents must have the mental and physical ability to benefit from the assessment, stabilization and treatment offered in the Evaluation Services Program.

Services Provided

  • 5329 Evaluations
  • 28-Day Diagnostic Evaluations
  • Home Studies
  • Parenting/Bonding Assessments
  • Risk Assessments
  • Supervised Visitation