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Development and Fundraising Coordinator

2021 Job Description

JOB TITLE:        Development and Fundraising Coordinator


1.    Research and write grants for the various programs at CHOY. 
a.    Formulate a grant timeline
b.    Track the grants and the expenses related to those grants
c.    Coordinate with the programs how they are spending the grant money
d.    Manage and maintain files for all grants 

2.    Supports appropriate communication between the Agency and its customers, visitors, donors and other outside contacts:
a.    Prepares all acknowledgements for contributions and in-kind gifts  .
b.    Receives all inquiries concerning in-kind gifts
c.    Receives all inquiries relating to volunteer projects
d.    Coordinates development activities with appropriate staff
e)    Provides stewardship and cultivation to donors

3.     Manages and maintains the computer based donor and prospective donor information files:
a.    Updates all information relative to donor base
b.    Coordinates all questions and training related to the database with Network for Good 
c.    Records all contributions
d.    Attends database training as needed
e.    Ensures all Network for Good  program updates are current
f.    Prepares necessary reports from NFG  

4.     Assists with and provides support to all fundraising projects:
a.    Coordinates all development department mailings.
b.    Manages mailing lists for solicitations
c.    Ensures all materials (mailing envelopes, remittance envelopes and appeal letters or other mail solicitations) are delivered in a timely manner to meet appeal deadlines.
d.    Provides supporting documentation for grants i.e. information from Network for Good  
e.    Help to coordinates Holiday In-kind drive.  
f.    Secures volunteers for Holiday In-kind Program

5.    Directs and conducts communication, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship for key donors and prospects in regards to event sponsorships, major gifts and planned gifts.
a.    Prepares four electronic newsletters per year to post on website and to go out in an email blast 
b.    Assist with two appeal letters (spring and fall).

6.     Completes administrative reports and tasks in support of the Development department as well as other administrative duties as assigned:
e.     Provides data as needed from Network for Good  for support of development activities
f.    Attends Development Committee Meetings
g.    Takes minutes at meetings
h.    Secures mailing lists to enhance solicitations
i.    Coordinates mailing:  Appeals, Newsletters and other solicitations
j.    Works with program staff to coordinate needs of children and in-kind gifts received
k.    Manages distribution of gift cards to ensure maximum utilization to meet program needs and ensure fiscal accountability.

7.     Coordinates and manages all volunteer activities.
a.     Assesses if there is a match between the volunteer activity and the Children’s Home
b.    Contact Maintenance Department to determine what projects can utilize volunteers
c.    Coordinates volunteer activity with program when necessary
d.    Determine who will provide supplies:  CHOY or Volunteer Group
e.    Ensure CHOY and Volunteers understand the scope of the project
f.    Greet volunteers and provide them with information about the Children’s Home (newsletters/annual reports)
g.    Provide refreshments (water/snacks) or ensure group has made arrangements for lunch if not provided by CHOY
h.    Determine in-kind value of volunteer project
i.    Thank volunteers personally at the completion of the project and send thank you letter acknowledging contribution.

8.     Assists in coordinating Agency events that are assigned to the Development Department
a.    Works to coordinate National Family Week 
b.    Coordinates children attendance with program staff
c.    Coordinates family attendance with program staff
d.    Arranges for speaker for event
e.    Coordinates Annual Meeting – selecting event location and menu
f.    Arranges for children and appropriate family/staff to attend
g.    Coordinates guest speaker for event
h.    Secures gifts for children being recognized at the meeting

9.    Assists with implementation of short and long-term quantified development plans.

1.    Ability to intermittently stand and sit.
2.    Pushing, pulling, lifting, and carrying as required.
3.    Must be able to describe and articulate events in both written and spoken English.
4.    Must be able to read and comprehend reports written in English.
5.    Ability to use appropriate technology to communicate and complete duties.

1.    High school diploma required, Bachelors or Associates degree in businesses or related field preferred.
2.    Two years of experience working in development, marketing, or related field required.  With grant writing experience. 
3.    Good written and verbal communication skills.  
4.    21 years of age or older 
5.    All required clearances
6.    Be sensitive to and comfortable with working in an agency that provides psychiatric residential treatment services to a culturally diverse population.

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