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Residential Program Supervisor


1. Complies with all Agency and Program policies, procedures, and protocols in a professional and ethical manner.

  • Maintains familiarity with policies, procedures, and protocols
  • Trains staff who report to this position consistent with policies, procedures, and protocols
  • Provides input into the development of appropriate policies to assure program compliance with regulations and high-quality service
  • Develops provides training to staff as appropriate
  • Ensures that the Program Policy and Procedures Manual are updated to reflect required changes instituted by governing bodies and/or addition/modifications to service delivery.-Maintain all required training and ensures that program staff meets training requirements.
  • Adheres to the seven commitments of the Sanctuary Model

2. Responsible for the administrative, fiscal, personnel, and direct service operations of the program.

  • Participates in Budget planning
  • Assures appropriate levels of personnel to manage clientele/program needs
  • Assures expenditures remain within projections
  • Communicates personnel concerns in a timely manner with appropriate recommendations
  • Oversees Census Management Reporting as per agency expectations

3. Develops administers, and implements program procedures, oversees program development and continuous quality improvement and maintains outcomes measures for clients and program in adherence to Federal, State, and local laws, ordinances, and regulations, contractual agreements, accreditation standards, professional standards, and ethics, and agency policy.

  • Ensures that program is honoring specific contractual obligations, such as with governmental, and other organizations and institutions
  • Ensures regularly scheduled reviews and updates of program narrative, program manuals, client records, annual operating plan, and outside program surveys
  • The program demonstrates compliance at CQI Quarterly Inspections, Utilization Review, Annual Licensing Surveys
  • Is familiar with program trends.
  • Use trending information regarding program and service sector to make recommendations about appropriate responses

4. Provides and oversees program services as defined in the program description.

  • Is familiar with the program description
  • Makes recommendations for changes to program description as appropriate and implements same with approval
  • Trains staff and makes sure they are delivering service in accordance with the program description
  • Oversees the delivery of RTF services and curricula and continuously reviews and makes modifications as needed.
  • Ensures the fulfillment of all service contract expectations (including court hearings, school meetings, etc.)

5. Actively participates in and supervises the maintenance of a therapeutic environment.

  • Implements appropriate clinical interventions with clients as needed.
  • Ensures that all program staff implements appropriate therapeutic interventions with clients as needed.
  • Ensures that the Sanctuary Model expectations are being met through daily programming.
  • Develops and provides oversight to the Program Curriculum (i.e., PREP, Men’s Council, Casey Life Skills groups, etc).
  • Ensures that the Independent living curriculum (both classes and individual work with Youth Counselors) are occurring as per agency and program expectations.
  • Schedules and participates in ISP Meetings. School meetings, FGDM, CYS transitional meetings, or delegates to staff and supports their efforts by preparing them for the meeting.
  • Participates in court hearings as assigned by the IL Services Supervisor
  • Transports clients to court, give progress updates, or delegates staff and supports their efforts by preparing them for court.

6. Oversees and ensures the health, safety, and well being of both clients and staff.

  • Ensures that all program staff adheres to the 7 Commitments of Sanctuary, appropriately perform SCM techniques.
  • Able to be counted in the staff/client ratio when necessary.

7. Supervises the development and performance of the program staff.

  • Provides regularly scheduled, agenda-driven, documented supervision of assigned staff
  • Completes annual staff performance appraisals with performance objectives in a timely manner
  • Oversees the implementation of professional development plans
  • Establishes an expectation and supervises to a culture of promoting excellence
  • Ensures that program specific orientations are complete for all staff.
  • Ensures that all program staff meet or exceed minimum training requirements
  • Ensures that all program staff is receiving regularly scheduled individual supervision
  • Provide program-specific training
  • Provide agency-wide training as assigned.
  • Facilitates regularly scheduled, agenda driven staff meetings.

8. Oversees appropriate communication between the program and Agency staff, administration, county agencies, and other referral sources.

  • Oversees all aspects of the program referral process, including:
  • Accepting referral information
  • Reviewing referral information
  • Obtaining additional information
  • Making decisions regarding the rejection/acceptance of referrals
  • Conducting interviews with prospective clients
  • Preparing Risk Management Reports when necessary and participating in the RM process.
  • Maintaining contact with referring agencies regarding the status of referrals
  • Develops new and maintains ongoing relationships with referring agencies.
  • Participates in community-level meetings and workgroups as assigned.
  • Develops and maintains ongoing relationships with identified community organizations.

9. Prepares and completes required reports and documentation, maintains files and records, and performs other required administrative tasks assigned.

  • Completes reports and other documentation as specified by the Program Supervisor, to include but not be limited to Progress reports, Contact sheets, Court Reports, Risk Management Reports.
  • Assists in ensuring that all files and records are complete, accurate, and up-to-date.
  • Participates in the agency Utilization Review Meeting.

10. Monitors the billing and payment operations of the program with the agency accounting department and assures contract compliance with third-party payers.

  • Billing and payment are monitored by Accounting - - Provides appropriate documentation to accounting in order to facilitate billing.
  • Keeps updated on changes in CHOY Finance Office procedures and ensures compliance with these expectations.
  • Manages the ADP/payroll system in the program.
  • Participates in all assigned in-agency meetings and workgroups (i.e., Sanctuary Core Team, Supervisor’s Meeting, etc.).
  • Represents program an entire agency in assigned county-level and state-level stakeholder meetings and workgroups.
  • Performs Program Administration on-call as per program expectations
  • Reviews and provides feedback about new service areas and opportunities.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Program Director, Director of Programs, or the Agency CEO.


  • Physical ability to perform all aspects of safe crisis management, including physical interventions.
  • Ability to intermittently stand and sit.
  • Pushing, pulling, lifting, and carrying as required.
  • Must be able to describe and articulate events in both written and spoken English.
  • Must be able to read and comprehend reports written in English.
  • Ability to provide awake supervision of clients at all times.
  • Ability to provide vehicular transportation of clients.
  • Has the mental and emotional capacity to work in a highly stressful environment.
  • Maintains a flexible schedule for appointments and on-call duties.


  • Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of five years relevant post-graduate experience required.
  • Three years of supervisory experience preferred.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.
  • 21 years of age or older
  • All required clearances
  • Be sensitive to and comfortable with working in an agency that provides services to a culturally diverse population.