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Integrated Practice Team Facilitator

Integrated Practice Team Facilitator

We are currently seeking a qualified integrated practice team facilitator to join our team and help us continue our mission. Ideally, the integrated practice team facilitator will have a background in social work and service coordination with a focus on keeping the family unit intact. This individual will assist with family service plan creation and implementation to ensure the needs of the individual are met. Must be comfortable with facilitating ISP meetings and coordinating services to produce quantifiable results.

What Is An Integrated Practice Team?


  • To empower, support, and promote healthy families.
  • To ensure that children live safely in their own homes.
  • To ensure that the individual needs of the families are met.
  • To promote the integrity of families in their own communities.


  • By assuring that all appropriate and available resources are explored, offered, and utilized.
  • By the development of a comprehensive, innovative family service plan with assured follow through.


  • A community-oriented, strengths-based, individualized planning process helping to meet unmet needs.
  • Expected to positively impact our community by planning and integrating services.

The process includes:

  • Referrals of families identified as having children who are at risk of placement outside the family home.
  • Generated by Child Protective Services staff / General Protective Services staff.
  • Develop a comprehensive family service plan that can assist the family with positive change while address conflict and accurately routing cases to the proper community resource.
  • Ensure cross-system integration and interdisciplinary support for the plan/
  • Create action plans identifying those holding responsibility and time-frames for action plans.
  • Ensure follow-up to and monitoring of the action plan.


Case Types:

  • Abuse of a child
  • Neglect of a child
  • Parental or caregiver substance abuse
  • Housing issues
  • Domestic violence
  • Mental/behavioral health concerns of the child, parent, or caregiver.
  • Lockouts


  • Family members and family supports
  • Public and private community partners of various backgrounds and disciplines who offer knowledge, expertise, and resources.
  • The Program will arrange for Memoranda of Understanding with community partners for the purpose of enhancing understanding of and successful participation in the ITP process.

The IPT Meeting

The process is facilitated by an Integrated Practice Team Facilitator. The facilitator guides the team through:

  • Critical evaluation of the current child and family situation
  • Previously tried interventions
  • A detailed, well-organized, goal-driven response to the current situation with intent for maintaining the integrity of the family and maintaining the child/children in their own home.
  • Record minutes and document the comprehensive family plan as it develops
  • Format the plan and circulate it among the participants
  • Provide follow up with team members to monitor the progress of the plan


  • Complies with all Agency and Program policies, procedures, and protocols in a professional and ethical manner.
  • Assists the Lead Coordinator with the administrative, fiscal, personnel, and direct service operations of the program.
  • Assists with the administration and implementation of program procedures, program development, and continuous quality improvement and with maintaining outcomes measures for clients and program in adherence to Federal, State, and local laws, ordinances, and regulations, contractual agreements, accreditation standards, professional standards and ethics, and agency policy.
  • Provides and oversees program services as defined in the program description.
  • It is the role of the IPT Facilitator to guide the team through the critical evaluation of the current child and family situation, critical evaluation of any previously tried interventions, and a detailed, well-organized, goal driven response to the current situation with an intent for maintaining the integrity of the family and maintaining the child/children in their own home.
  • Facilitate, monitor, document, and track the Integrated Practice Team (IPT)
  • Utilize a family-centered and strength based team approach with community involvement in the protection of children.
  • Facilitate the IPT group to brainstorm ideas that can assist a family with positive change while addressing conflict and accurately route cases to the proper community
  • Responsible for ensuring cross-system integration and interdisciplinary Coordinators are available for additional consultation and collaborative meetings as warranted.
  • Facilitators will appear in court as required by the court or as requested by YCOCYF.
  • Oversees and ensures the health, safety, and well-being of both clients and staff.
  • Assists with the development and performance of the program staff.
  • Oversees appropriate communication between the program and Agency staff, administration, county agencies, families, and other community stakeholders.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Program Director, Vice President of Programs, or the President of the Agency.